Post-Meeting Field trips, 28th IAS Meeting, Zaragoza

1. Permian-Triassic continental rocks of the SE Iberian Ranges: architecture, tectonics and geochemical characteristics in the context of a rift basin
2. The Upper Jurassic carbonate ramps of the cen- tral Iberian Ranges: architecture, facies distribution and cyclostratigraphy.
3. The record of the OAE1a in a highly subsiding platform setting (Sierra de Aralar, N Spain) Evolution of an intra-plate rift basin: the Latest Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Cameros Basin (Northwest Iberian Ranges, North Spain)
4. From back-erg to fore-erg: the mid-Cretaceous Iberian Desert System (Iberian Basin)
Exploring the relationships between deepwater and shallow-marine deposits in the Ainsa piggy back basin fill. (Eocene South-Pyrenean Foreland Basin
5. Quaternary and present-day tufa systems of the Piedra and Añamaza rivers (Iberian Ranges)