Pre-Meeting Field trips, 28th IAS Meeting, Zaragoza

1. Late Ordovician carbonate productivity, iron ore precipita- tion and glaciomarine deposits in the Iberian Ranges, NE Spain
2. The Aptian carbonate platforms of the western Maestrat Basin: a textbook example of four systems tract-based sequence stratigraphy
3. Structurally controlled hydrothermal dolomitisation in the Albian of the Ramales Carbonate Platform (Basque- Cantabrian Basin, North Spain)
4. Carbonate platform models, sea level changes and extreme climatic events during the Paleocene-Early Eocene greenhouse interval: a basin-platform-coastal plain transect across the southern Pyrenean basin
5. Integrated analysis of the depositional fill in evolving -marine to continental- forelands: Advances in the eastern Ebro basin (Eocene – Early Miocene, NE Spain) Sedimentary record related to the evolution of Quaternary dolines in the central Ebro Basin (Spain)
6. Quaternary karstic lakes in the Western Ebro Basin and the Central Pyrenees: The Arreo, Estanya and Montcortés sequences and their depositional evolution and paleoclimate implications…